Welcome to The Curvy Chateau a site to explore the hidden and known beauties to being curvy! Every woman wants to feel good about herself, and you deserve that fabulous feeling. There is not much to looking great. All it takes is knowing who you are and what you have to work with. Fashion and beauty is not only for the rich and famous, it is at the reach of everyone’s finger tips. Now that it is established that it does not require a ton of money to look gorgeous, you absolutely DO NOT have to be a size 2 either! A full figured, curvy, or plus sized woman is just as capable of pulling off a strut in high heels as any other woman.

I’m a curvy girl and I have a hard time when I am shopping for everyday wear and work clothes. But, I never allow the minimal shopping stores there are for me to hinder me from looking fabulous. PLUS, I don’t spend a lot of money. I hope you find my blog helpful if you are a curvy woman or an Adriana Lima, who is gorgeous.

On The Curvy Chateau you will find helpful info to the everyday struggles curvy women face in fashion; as well as in make-up, hair, bridal, and everything else under the sun. This is your new castle, come here to bring out the queen within you and be the gorgeous Jewel you are!

Thanks for coming by Jewels!


10 thoughts on “About

  1. I Love This site Ms.Donna! Your Lovely tips our something to fallow in life. Since our cookie crumbles the same way Im also telling my friends about your website,its very an eyebrow raiser. I also find it amazing when you said deniem jeans look amazing on curvy women and they do. I shoped at Rainbows the other day and found alot of jeans that our for the curvy me! but since its spring its only high voltage (Neon) Colors But that looks great on both of use. I plan on mailing you back soon for more helpful question As a diva Sister to another thank You for all your help Ms.Donna Love Rae:)


    1. Hi Rae,

      Thank you so much! I’m glad my post were helpful. I love it when ladies feel good in their skin and FABULOUS! If you have any questions or ideas let me know.

      Have a fabulous day Jewel,
      Donna 😉


    1. Thank you! The blog is all about feeling great in your own skin and being you. I checked out your blog, and I like it! I like your approach on things. It’s great when you can share with people things to remind them to be happy with who they are. Thanks for stopping by 😉



  2. Hello, I have fallen in love with a dress that you have on your chateau website. (It’s the 4th one down) Is there anyway that I could find out where I can find that dress??


    1. Hi! Which blog post is it under? If it’s under the most recent blog about wedding dresses, the ball gown dress is from David’s bridal. The style number is 8CWG568. You can go on davidsbridal.com and type that style number in the search box and the dress will come up. Please let me know if this is not the dress you are referring to. Hope this helps! Have fun dress shopping!! 🙂


  3. Thanks for your response but no that’s not the one. It’s under “wedding dress shopping: The plus size way. It looks like it’s a pic that you downloaded from somewhere.
    Thanks again!


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