Fragrance Review: Viva la Juicy, Acqua di Gioia, Gucci Guilty, and Honey by Marc Jacobs

Hello Jewels, I celebrated my birthday yesterday, YAY!!! Very blessed to live another year. I received awesome gifts for my birthday.I like birthday gifts way more than Christmas gifts. My boyfriend always ask me what do I want for my birthday. Since I was running out of perfume, I requested perfume. I was torn between two, so I suggested that he would pick out the one he would like me to wear. I have a wonderful wonderful boyfriend, he bought BOTH! Last year I was only expecting make up brushes, and he had also got me two perfume sets. So he is AMAZING. I am pretty much to the bottom of the perfumes I got last year for my birthday. I figured I would do a review on the four perfumes.

First up, Viva La Juicy by Juicy Couture, I like this perfume a lot probably because of the bottle and the big pink bow. Pink is my favorite color. This perfume has a sweet side and strong side to it. To me, it is the perfect combination of sweet and sassy. For a while, it was my everyday perfume, until I noticed the perfume getting lower and lower. I am someone who likes to be identified by their perfume. Therefore, I try not to change up perfumes throughout the year. I try to stick to the same one daily. I just think it is so lady like to have a signature fragrance. 

However, on those special event days I do like to change things up and wear something different, and that is when I would wear Giorgio Armani’s Acqua di Gioia fragrance. It is very crisp and soft. If you mist on a lot it can be loud, but mostly a soft perfume. This fragrance is more on the romantic side. By the way, this one and Viva la Juicy were both picked out by my boyfriend last year; he did a GREAT job! I always say, “You can never go wrong when your man buys you the perfume of his choice for you.” 😉 Both of these perfumes last a while, like four to seven hours.

I have been wanting Gucci Guilty by Gucci for the longest. When I would think about getting it, I failed to pursue and actually  buy it. I finally own it, and I am so happy! Gucci Guilty is everything I want in a perfume; it is woody (like Twilight Woods at Bath & Body Works), musty, and sexy. The musty smell does not over power the perfume. The perfume is very feminine, but the perfume contains elements of must. This will not be an everyday perfume, but rather date nights and special occasions. So for those of you who like to smell sexy, you should try Gucci Guilty.

Lastly, Honey by Marc Jacobs is so sweet and pretty. It’s really pretty; the bottle is adorable. It looks like a friendly honey bee. The reason I was torn between this and Guilty is because they are so different. I could not decide if I wanted sweet or sexy. Honey smells very sweet like honey. The fragrance reminds me of summer. I will probably wear this fragrance daily, because it is not loud, just sweet.

Well Jewels, I hope this perfume review is helpful. If you have tried any of these I would like to hear your thoughts about them. 😉

BH Cosmetics: Review of Party Girl Palette

We are soon to be in the party and holiday season of the year. This is my favorite time of the year. Not just because of Christmas gifts, but during the holidays there are parties and family gatherings, which means you get to dress up. Dressing up is fun! You get to wear a cute outfit, new shoes, a new hair do, and MAKEUP!!!! Make up can be very expensive, and during the holidays you do not want to wear the same makeup look to every function. To help save money on a ton of eye shadows, you may want to consider purchasing an eye shadow palette. Palettes are high, but definitely worth it. A cheap alternative is BH Cosmetics. Everyone has been talking about BH Cosmetics, and how awesome and cheap their products are. I have known about BH Cosmetics for a little over a year now. I hate to try new things without being able to test it first. Considering that it is online only, I have no way of knowing what the product will be like until I purchase it. I was very skeptical about purchasing from them, but after reading the reviews on their website; and watching reviews and demos on YouTube, I thought I would give BH Cosmetics a chance.


So early September I made my first purchase. I purchased the Party Girl Palette. When the item arrived, of course I could not wait to swatch the eye shadows. I was impressed with the swatches. The next day I did a look using the palette. I put on primer first, then applied the eye shadow. I am not lying when I tell you guys that I had to go over the shadows like four or five times, until I was satisfied. I never had to do that before with an eye shadow, except for the really cheap ones. I was very disappointed after that. The swatches were deceiving. They made me believe that the product was well pigmented. The reviewers online said that it was. A few people said it wasn’t, but I figured they had really high expectations of this cheap product. However, when I tried it, I saw what they  meant.

There are a few colors that work well the first two times of applying them, but for the most part, I am disappointed. The only reason I am so disappointed is because everyone talked about BH Cosmetics eye shadows like they were comparable to MAC eye shadows; just way cheaper. For the price you pay, I only payed $9 plus shipping, the palette is not bad, it is definitely worth the price. HOWEVER, do not have high expectations of the product, especially if you are someone that buys high end makeup.

I am not dissing their product. I still wear it, but I have to do more when I use this product, than my usual eye shadows. So, here is what you do for the best outcome, the first time you apply BH eye shadows. First, prime your eyes; any primer is good, I use Urban Decay’s primer “Eden”. Then, use NYX Jumbo Eye Pencil in “Milk” (white) as a base. If you plan to use your shadows on or near your water line, apply “Milk” there as well, as a base. Finally, apply the eye shadows. This makes the colors pop and look well pigmented. They also last a while too. One thing that is for sure great about this palette is that the shadows do not fall. Once I apply them, they stay on my eyes, I do not have to worry about wiping under my eyes every few minutes.

NYX Jumbo Pencil in "Milk"
NYX Jumbo Pencil in “Milk”

Do I recommend this product? It depends. If you like to apply your eye shadows without having to put on a primer or base, then this product is not for you. If you do not mind doing the extra steps to achieve high pigmentation, then you will enjoy your BH Cosmetics palettes.

So Jewels, while you are preparing and shopping for your holiday gear, think about purchasing the PARTY GIRL PALETTE by BH COSMETICS. This palette contains every color you would need to create the perfect holiday look, at a low price. Here is a coupon code that is valid until November 25, 2013 to get 10% off at; the code is RMENOT.

Many of you have probably already purchased eye shadow palettes from BH Cosmetics, please share what you think of them.

Have fun playing with makeup!

Almay and Maybelline: No-Nos

Eye Shadow

This entire week I have been preparing for a fashion show, for us curvy and full-figured ladies! The store manager knows that I am all about looking fab so she asked me to put together a few outfits for her models. She so did not mention that she was exaggerating the truth by saying a few outfits, I believe there was a total of 53 outfits on the runway today. But I had so much FUN completing the project and working with the models. I believe many Avenues’ are having fashion shows this weekend. A few days before when a model came in for her fitting I mentioned to her that there was no one for hair and make-up and that every model was responsible for getting that done before coming. She was like oh no! So the model asked me if I would do her make-up before the show. I was like OF COURSE!


Typically, when I do someones face I use my own brushes and make-up; however, because she mentioned that she would bring her own make-up I figured she had a variety of brands to work with. Well…this morning when she pulled out her make-up I was amazed at how much she had, BUT they were not brands I use. She had mostly Almay, Maybeline, and Estee Lauder. Estee Lauder I am a fan of. Almay and Maybelline not so much. I have several Maybelline lipsticks, but when I would try there eye shadows, it has always been a failure. It would require applying a ton of eye shadow before you could notice the color, and then before I would walk out of the door the eye shadow was falling, so I do not recommend Maybelline eye shadows. Almay I have never used. When I applied the Almay eye shadow onto the model it went on pretty well and the pigmentation was OK, nothing more. Basically, on a scale of 1 to 10, with 10 being the greatest, the pigmentation was a 4. The Maybelline eye shadow was way worse, I eventually had to ask if she did not mind me using my finger tips to apply the eye shadow so it could be seen. By the way, I was not using light colors, it was a dark blue. Maybelline would definitely be a 2 out of 10.  Just for the sake of comparison, for me MAC is a  10 out  10; I have never been disappointed with an eye shadow from MAC. So when I compare Maybelline and Almay to MAC that is why they are a 2 and a 4. By no means, am I saying that MAC is the only brand that has well pigmented eye shadows, there are tons of brands; I’ll discuss them another time.


I am not against drug store brands. I use everything. Like I said, I use Maybelline products for my lips, but after today and my personal experience with Maybelline  I will never purchase their eye shadow. My top drug store brands are Revlon and Neutrogena. For the most part I like everything by Revlon. I use their liquid foundations, lipstick, lip gloss, and eye make-up. As far as Neutrogena, I use their liquid foundations and eye liner; I have yet to try their eye shadows, which I will. So if you can help it stay away from Maybelline and Almay for eye shadow.

I hope this helps any of you Jewels looking for the brand of eye shadow to try!