Today: Relax, Unwind, Have a Glass of Wine

It’s Saturday. My favorite day of the week. I’m sure it’s obvious why Saturday won that award. After a long and tiring week I like to use Saturday as MY DAY. Saturdays are when I can catch up on completing things on my “to do list”, shop, but most of all…RELAX, UNWIND, and HAVE A GLASS OF WINE. I do not always have that special glass, but I try to. A little wine never hurt anyone.

People stay busy, especially those who work throughout the week and the weekend. There is hardly any time for self. Humans have bodies, and our bodies require us to take good care of them in order for them to function properly. I have little to no time to do anything extra throughout week for me. I manage to workout at least three times a week, try to eat healthy 5 days out of the week, and the rest of the time I am doing whatever it takes to keep my sanity. So, yes, Saturday is MY DAY.

On a typical Saturday, I sleep in as long as possible. Then, I may run a few errands or get a massage. Upon entering the real world, where I had to work to eat. There is a new monthly ritual in my life, massages. They are so great! I feel like a new person walking out of the spa.

Next, I get my hair done, or do it myself. My hair stylist is amazing. I really think she has changed the texture of my hair, lol; is that even possible?

These two together, AMAZING RESULTS! This facial really tightens your pores. You feel it getting it tight on your skin that your face begins to pulsate. You will love this.
Bentonite clay & Apple Cider Vinegar. These two together, AMAZING RESULTS! There are many brands of both items. I found these two at whole foods. This facial really tightens your pores. You feel it getting it tight on your skin that your face begins to pulsate. You will love this.

Then, I give myself a facial. Oh yes, I wash my face every morning and night, but there is something about weekly exfoliation that I love. My face loves it too.

Lastly a mani and pedi, those cuticles are so important to keep up.

When it is all said and done, I sit back and watch some TV, do things for my job (I know I said it’s MY DAY, but I rather do it today that on Sunday Fun Day), and catch up with my people. I can’t tell you enough how important it is to take time out for you and relax.

Always remember, if you don't get to it today, there is ALWAYS tomorrow.
Always remember, if you don’t get to it today, there is ALWAYS tomorrow.

This past Thursday I had an anxiety attack at work. In the past, I have experienced upset stomach and irregular breathing, but that day the pain in my stomach was a feeling I had never experienced before. I left work early and slept for about 5 hours. I still had the pain throughout that day; however, I know that it was all because I carry everything on my shoulders, and I do way too much throughout the week. We are not super heroes, we CANNOT do it all. Take time for yourself, it just might save your life.

Take it easy Jewels. You are only one person, and you deserve a day of pampering yourself.

Remember, Relax, unwind, and have a glass of wine! 😉

Trials Make You Stronger

Hello My Lovely Jewels!

I have really missed blogging, writing in general. Life has a way of taking you away from the things you enjoying doing, if you let it.

The biggest part of my absence from blogging was finding a job (8 months of applying), and the other was personal. It seems as though I battled with one thing, conquered it, and then the next battle began. I was constantly asking God, when am I going to receive my break through and stay through. So I finally began working, then there was a big haul that came about in my personal life. Thankfully, God is on my side and I am coming through that storm a stronger person and on top. Through it all, I am grateful and blessed for where God has me. Through each storm I remind myself of that old saying, “If God be for me, who can be against me?”


So I must share about the job struggle. I graduated December 2013 with my bachelors, and ever since then I have been trying to find a job that would allow me to use my degree. I filled out at least 50 job applications, maybe more. Out of those applications I got an interview for 3 jobs. Just 3! Upon the third interview I still did not land the job (NOT RIGHT AWAY). It felt like eternity, but 4 weeks later I got a call saying I got the job,  if I STILL WANTED IT (of course I DID). The process for getting hired was long and a lot of steps (full of paper work).

Yep, that's me! LOL ;)
Yep, that’s me! LOL 😉

You’re probably wondering what job it is. It is one of the most rewarding, yet stressful, long day, take your work home, work on the weekend kind of jobs. I am a TEACHER!!!! I teach English at the high school level. Something I have always wanted to do, teach the youth. It was a long road, but worth it. I do not plan to teach forever, in fact probably not even a decade. Children are OUR future, and I want to be a part of helping them take advantage of all the wonderful opportunities they have to become thriving adults that will give back in some way later on.

Through everything we go through in life there is a lesson learned. This has been a rough year. Upon every situation that came up I would ask God “What good can POSSIBLY come out of this?” At the moment you do not believe that there is any GOOD that will come out the situation. With time, God reveals the good that is produced out of things that we see as calamity in our lives. We may not get it, or want to understand it because of the pain. But there is a reason for everything.

So the next time you are battling something, see it as the birth of something new. As the saying goes, “All things happen for a reason”. There is a lesson to be learned out of every experience we go through in life. You WILL come out of it STRONGER!

I once was down with a frown, BUT today I smile letting my light shine! BE HAPPY!
I once was down with a frown, BUT today I smile letting my light shine! BE HAPPY!

I am back, and I hope to never stay away this long again. I have new goals, for blogging, that I plan to begin implementing soon.

I’d love to hear how you may have been waiting for something for a long time, and how it was when you finally received it. Please share by leaving a comment below. Have a WONDERFUL DAY JEWELS!

Who Do You Dress Up For, Yourself or Them?

I get this all the time, and I want to know why people feel this way. So I often get asked, “Who are you all dressed up for?” My answer has never changed, “For ME!” Why is it that wearing a scarf or a big necklace makes you all dressed up. I don’t care if I was wearing a dress and everyone else had on jeans. Just because I took a different route from the average Joe does not mean that I am getting “Dressed UP” for someone other than myself. MAYBE I dress the way I do, because it makes me happy. I like to dress up. My whole family knows that about me. So if I show up somewhere looking a tad bit over dressed, they are not surprised. By the way, I never consider the way I dress, overly dressed. I don’t think anyone could ever be too dressed up for an occasion. This only applies when you are being yourself. Now, if you are dressing up to impress someone, and it turns out you are way over dressed for the occasion, then you are at fault for that and will feel the eyes staring at you for your big mistake. BUT, for those of us who just love to add accessories to dress up a t-shirt or a blazer on top of t-shirt, jeans, and converse, you are just being yourself. That is all that counts, being yourself. When you be yourself, you will never feel out of place or over dressed, you’ll feel like YOU.

I had to address this, because I hear it way too often. I was at open house at the school I am doing my internship at, and I had on a simple black and white striped dress with knee high black boots. All of the teachers were asking me, “Who are you all dressed up for, the parents?” I replied, “No ladies, for Me!” There is no other explanation for this. I love to dress up, it’s fun, and it’s a part of who I am, that I hope NEVER GOES AWAY!

This is the thought for today. If you guys would like to share your thoughts on this subject please comment below.

Have a WONDERFUL Day being YOURSELF, Jewels! 😉

What Happened to Applying the GOLDEN RULE?


A few days ago while I was at work,  I began to think to myself no matter how kind you are to people, some people are always going to be ugly. I had a job that was what I like to call “my play money job”. I called it this because I would come in  for just a few hours to help out, they are short staffed (the manager likes it that way, weird to me), the manager knew me and she called asked me if I could help her out. So I said “Of course”. I only lasted three months. I am so amazed at my self for being there that long, and I do NOT see how the other ladies have been there longer and are still THERE! My first week or two were the best! I hardly worked with her (the manager that hired me) and the other ladies were great. But one of the ladies quit on the spot so she had to start working the hours that I was there. That is when everything crashed.

She was always rude, obnoxious, and all around disrespectful. Normally, I would have a word with someone like that. I would have done it kindly, but instead I would always sweep her ugliness under a rug, smile, and did whatever she requested when I could get around to it (I was already working on something that she had just given to me). I’m only human, not a robot (I refuse to be treated like one or act like I can do a hundred things at once as fast as lightning). That only made things worse, she would make comments like “Oh, you just drag, you have no pep in your step. You used to work so well here…blah blah blah”. Again, I would just look at her and smile. I always try to hold my composer with people. Even though they are acting crazy and have an ugly personality does not mean I have to get down to their level and lose who I am, for one person.


There would be days when she would come in not feeling well (and I had to work with her). I would toss to the side (not throw away) the ugly comments she had thrown at me before, and I would do my best to make things easier for her so she did not have to stress out that day. I was so nice to this lady. I’d tell her ways that may help her situation, go see a doctor, everything will be ok, I’m sure whatever is going on it is nothing fatal. She is a drama queen and she would be putting on as if she was dying. I did my best to help her out. On one of the days like this (where she was not feeling well) she gave me a project. There are two ways to get this project done so I chose the one that I was most comfortable with and could get done the fastest (I do not want to drag on this project, she already thinks I work slow on purpose). So I finished the task and right before my shift is over she tells (despite feeling like she is about to die) “You did this all wrong. This is not how I wanted you to do this” and she went on and on. It really was not a big deal, but because she is this way, I just went on a head and came in on my day off to redo it. But, that night she gave me hell about it. Eventually these words came out of her mouth, “I’m trying to make you feel bad, I want you to feel bad for not doing it right the first time”. I should have said I quit right then and there, but because I am the way that I am, I didn’t, I knew they were barely functioning considering that we lost a member of management, so I stayed, until now. What is crazy about all of this is that this same person contacted ME and asked ME to come work with her, I did not apply or ask to be a part of that team.

My whole point is that no matter how kind you are to people; no matter how much you try to buff out their rough edges, some people are just going to be ugly. I had to learn this with this job (we go through everything for a reason). I have never had someone treat me this way before. I have encountered rude people before, but not worked with someone for months and they consistently treat you like this. I always figured my kindness was going to eventually get to her and she would be nice to everyone, it was not just me. But I didn’t see it happen. Who knows maybe it will one day. I’m not saying this to say give up on being kind to those that disrespect you, but never stoop to their level, always be yourself.  I could not continue to put up with her ugly ways and since it was a play money job, I didn’t have to. Working there was not a necessity for me.

golden_rule-300x238Be the golden one in the bunch

It is really too bad that people do not know how to work with people that are different from them. CLEARLY, we had different personalities but that does not mean because you are higher up than me, with your position, that you can disrespect me. Everyone wants to be treated with respect, but everyone is not dishing it out. If only we all could live and treat others the way we want to be treated, this world would be a better place. Think back to kindergarten the only rule back then was the GOLDEN RULE. We have forgotten all about it.

This is the exact same poster that was in my kindergarten class.
This is the exact same poster that was in my kindergarten class.

This has been a long thought for the day, if you have anything you would like to share about this, I would love to hear it.


Have a fabulous day Jewels!



I am just amazed at all the racism that is displayed on youtube. I am certainly not surprised that there are racist people out there, especially in the great country of America, but at how open people are with their racist comments. The video, if you haven’t already seen it on tv or youtube, is not what I found racist. The lady could have possibly  been tongue twisted, the words on the tele-prompt could have been there from a typo, or she could have said that because it was on her mind. Whatever the situation may be it has been said and done on national television, nothing she can say or do now. So after watching this clip of the news I immediately scrolled down to see what people had to say and it was mind blowing. I have seen other racist comments before, but nothing like this. Which is not to my surprise considering that this part of the news was covering the “President” and there are many that “HATE” him only because of the color of his skin. I’m not here to talk politics, but on The Curvy Chateau we have to keep things real, and the REAL deal here is that many people dislike Obama due to the color of his skin. Bottom line those in the KKK took a liking to this video and had a lot to say.


Check out the video here —>

What I find funny about all of this is that there are racist people that do not like blacks, but they love sports! On game days, especially Sunday, when men and women watch football and basketball they are CHEERING on players like Kobe Bryant, Lebron James, Calvin Johnson, and Adrian Peterson. So on Sunday when everyone across America is watching the Super Bowl, I know those haters will be yelling at their televisions booing and rooting on their black players.

This is the thought for the day. If you have anything you would like to share please comment below. I’d love to hear what your thoughts are on this subject.

Have a great day Jewels!